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Thanks Problem
written by DEEIAN at Ahad, 10 Mac 2013 & got 0 Comments

This week is terrible.  Unawesome things keep going on. Starts with problem , nothing interest me during this week . 

# First Problem
My first problem was Math. I have no idea how to describe this. I love Math. But our teacher taught us so clean & clear. I mean so fast and I dont understand. Wait ! I understand, but just a bit of.
I have problem in solving my Math's homework now

# Second Problem

My second problem is Geography. My teacher ask me to find ''tourist pamphlet'' *haha* I dont know the actual name. Yeah. That's the problem . Where I have to find it whereas this week is not a holiday. And I dont have any. I mean, why should we keep that thing after we use it ?

# Third Problem
F R I E N E M Y. That's my problem. No need to explain. That such of things no need to share.

#Fourth Problem
Latihan Rumah Sukan. How could I wish every Thursday was a rainy day ? ~_~

#Fifth Problem
PBS worksheet. PBS makes me felt uncomfortable. Everyday was like a test and examination. That makes me stress confirmly.

Those problem makes me felt down . Just a bit. I have to move on . And let the negatives thinking flow away. Why the problem get into our life ?
Because 'they' want us to become more stronger and stronger to face it.

Recite do'a and ask help from Allah. Allah always with us. Remember that :)
p/s Thanks for reading my entry. I know I am not in English at all. But I have to try :D
Salam Ukhwah. Jazakallah