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Exam of 2013
written by DEEIAN at Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013 & got 0 Comments

September October 19

Finally. I am, Hanifah Hadirah, Free From Freakin Final Exam. So relieved. So satisfied with what I answered *although i cant solve certain question in my Math papers. But then, im still feel good* So happy when I 'comfort' with those questions. Especially with Sejarah. I think my Sejarah will be A. Just hoping. Here, i'm gonna list down all papers that I took for exam.

Everyone knows that this subject was the very easy-peasy one. Yeah, I love BM Kertas2 : Penulisan. Im done 30 minutes earlier. And im proud of that. Really proud of that. For section C it must be more than 180 words. So I wrote as much as I can as the ideas mencurah-curah . You know..


Oh my god I spent 3 days to study this subject. This is because, u'll easily dizzy and felt sleepy when you read the date,name of the person,place, etc. I got more stress when our teacher of Sejarah told us that
"Siapa dapat markah kurang 50% dia tidak akan dapat Band 6"  So, all of us study hard *not study smart* for Sejarah.  When someone in the top class cant achieve Band 6, that was a nightmare.


Im dying when I cannot remember the characteristic of dicotiledon's leaves. The answer is 'jejala'. But yeah, you surely dont want to know my answer. *because my answer was damn funny* The best thing is, I love Science Paper 1.


Easy one. I can answer all of it. *big smile* The worst thing is, I cant remember 'Bukti Saidina Uthman seorang yang dermawan' When I read the question, i'm freez. I thought this kind of question would never come out. frustrated.


Whut-da-hial. Paper 1 questions was so so so so so so so so damn hard ! I hope my Paper 2 will helps me.


My Math papers was in Malay. For Paper 2, easy to understand but hard to solve. That's all. 


I dont have much more time to study Geo. Just answered with logic. *Fatimah also do what I did* If I dont gain A for this subject, I hope I get B++++  lol


Coversation as below
Me: Fatimah, kita bawa textbook Bahasa Arab dan Kamus *with proud i'm saying that*
Fatimah: Oh
Me: Sebab kita ada 'rasa' yang kuat bahawa mana tahu, nanti ada cikgu kasi tengok buku teks ke, kamus ke. Mana tahu, kan ?
Fatimah: Hm

*Amirah datang*
Mira: Boleh tengok kamus ! *extrahappy*
Me: What?! *then I give my big big smile to Fatimah. Oh, she knows what I mean*
Fatimah: *I dont remeber what she say actually. Maybe she just smile*

*during exam*
It must be easy like a piece of cake, because I brought dictionary. But then,  I dont know why, i was slow. Maybe I want to build a perfect sentences and that causes of the wasting time matter. *grammar errors*

After an hour, I lend my dictionary to Fatimah. Kalau tahu, tak payah kasi Fatimah dictionary, rupanya dia pro Bahasa Arab. *jahat siaa ayat*

FYI, Bahasa Arab test took 2 hours 30 mins. *Not enough time for newbie like me*

KH (T)

I was study hard for KH. I really hope that I achieve A in KH. I just wanna show to Cikgu Sheikh that I can do it. ayat skema

On 12:30pm. The papers had collected. All of us was so much happy and I am still happy.

p/s Last night I was tweeting with Acha. You know, she was really crazy. I just knew it last night.