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Perhatian , saya jarang/tak akan online. Sebab saya damn busy. Saya harap awak jangan minta follow/follow saya/minta exchange link waktu sekarang ni. Saya rasa bersalah.. tak dapat penuhi permintaan awak tu..


Let's exchange banner :)

{16} I am empty. I just dare to dream big. I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my nation proud. Efficacious Pride!


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All the gifs are made by DEEIAN !
OMK stands for Oh My KwangHee
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Since two or three days I keep thinking of KwangHee. That's sound funny to me.
For me, Kwang Hee is special. He always brings the happy mode with all people around him

Kwang Hee my bias too :)
Conversation among Kwang Hee and MinHo. Both are my bias :)