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Perhatian , saya jarang/tak akan online. Sebab saya damn busy. Saya harap awak jangan minta follow/follow saya/minta exchange link waktu sekarang ni. Saya rasa bersalah.. tak dapat penuhi permintaan awak tu..


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{16} I am empty. I just dare to dream big. I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my nation proud. Efficacious Pride!


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Tagging Game
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Saya akan buat post pasal Tagging Game. Saya kena tag oleh Ayaa :) Thanks ! Memang harap sangat kena tag.. haha *sila gelak*

  • Post this rules
  • Write 11 thing about yourself
  • Answer the question the tagger set to you
  • Create 11 new question for those you want to tag
  • Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post
  • You are not allowed to tag back

11 thing about Deeraself
  • I am Allah servant. I am a khalifah.
  • Im a laughter. 
  • Easy to melt.
  • Sometimes, I feel comfortable when Im alone.
  • Capital A. As u know Mr A, Iam your active stalker !
  • I love my mother strongly. I love my father tightly. I love my sibling extremely !
  • Family is everything to me.
  • For me , true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words <3 
  • The Annoying. Is the best word to describe me :)
  • Im a chocolate Addiction and Sambal Belacan Lover
  • I hate awkward situation
  • DeeraMin, Deerara, TheRara, Tigerara. Is so my username.    

1. If you're stress , what would you do ?
I will open my lappy and start tweeting and blogging.

2. Happy ending or sad ending? State why.
Happy. I hate to cry :)

3. If you have 3 wishes, what are your wishes?
i. Ya Allah, ampuni segala dosa-dosaku
ii. Ya Allah, tempatkanlah ibu bapaku di tempat orang yang beriman
iii. Ya Allah, murahkanlah rezeki ke atas kami

4. What would you do if your bestfriends betrayed you?
I will silence a while. Maybe for 2 days. And then I'll ask her/him why betrayed me....

5. A song that mean something to you?
Sahabat by Najwa ft Sleeq. Senyum by Najwa ft Malique. and more. I know. Looks just song but so meaningful

6. What is your dream?
Being famous. Looks ridiculous and annoying. But that is it

7. A person you love besides your parents?
Mr. A

8. Your favourite anime/drama/variety show? State why.
Anime : Totally K-ON. I love Light Music Club
Drama : Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia *on air*  Izzue Islam is the heroo
Variety show : Running Man. I love to laugh. And this show is make me laugh a lot 

9. A moment that you really can't forget.
Saya dapat tempat ketiga dalam menulis cerpen sempena Hari Guru. And that is AWESOME

10. Things that annoy you.

11. What is Islam to you.
Islam taught me everything. 

1. If you can go back in your time, what age would you be
2  Who is the last person makes you laugh
3. Are u able to play any musical instrument
4. What is the most annoying thing that you've ever done
5. What can spoil your day
6. Who is the most helpul in your daily life
7. If u have 5 minutes on famous TV talkshow, what would u talk
8. What is your favourite variety show
9. What is friendship and who is your true friend
10. What on your mind when someone say 'Justin Bieber'
11. What is your type of guy/girl

Sorry for my grammar. I have try my best :D So im gonna gone to tag bloggers. Assalammualaikum